Our Rooms

The Baby Room

In our Baby Room we have an experienced and fully qualified team. Leading the team is Auntie Leigh who has been with us for 10 Years.In the Baby Room we will follow your babies routine as we treat all our babies as individuals. The babies have access to choose the toys they want to play with throughout the day and the Aunties also select activities that encourage sensory, social and physical development. When your baby is ready (usually around 18 months old) we will integrate them into our Tweenies group.

Tweenies Room

In our Tweenie group we explore the different rooms in nursery and enjoy more messy sensory play. We start preparing our Tweenies for the next stage by starting to colour match, do simple puzzles, counting and lots of physical play.

Toddlers Room

In the Toddler group your little ones will benefit from structured and freeplay, We have a range of table top and floor activities as well as lots of physical play. We are lucky to have a large outdoor area which the toddlers love. In the Toddlers group we help develop communication and writing skills. Social Manners and respect for others is also greatly encouraged.

Older Group

Our Older group for 3 & 4 year olds follows the foundation phase which helps them aquire knowledge and skills which will be of value to them in the next stage of their education. The children are listened to and encouraged to have their own voice.


Treforys Tiny Tots “Kidz Camp” is for children aged 5 and above. We have dedicated playscheme areas on the lower levels. We run Playscheme during all school holidays as well as running an afterschool club. During holidays our Playscheme coordinators run trips and outings. Previous trips being to the cinema or laserzone Swansea. We also have a wide range of activities catered for ages above 5.

Tel : 01792 796198