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Providing heathy meals for children is among a parents’ top priorities. They need regular balanced meals

where they can source the much needed nutrients for their growth and development. When at home,

you can track what they eat and how it is prepared. However, when they reach the pre-school and

school-age, what then? Although schools have cafeteria facilities to serve your kids, is this a wise


Here are a few pros and cons for both cafeteria food and home-made meals:

HOME-MADE Packed lunch

fresh fruit from treforys tiny tots home made kitchen


You are able to track what goes into your child’s packed meals and make sure he or she

is getting the right food that they need. When you prepare home-made food for them

to bring to school, you will feel you are able to nurture them even from afar.


Morning rush! We have all been in one of those mornings where you scramble around

picking up toast and not trying to be late. This becomes more stressful when planning and

packing a home made meal for your child to bring to school. More often than we care to admit,

we end up with a recipe to disaster, messy kitchen, and late kids!

School Cafeteria Meals

school dinners vs treforys tiny tots the best day nursery in swansea


Perhaps where cafeteria food wins over home-made meals is its convenience. It is

always there, someone else prepared it, and your child gets to choose what he or she wants to

eat from the menu. Most schools also have a wide array of food choices for kids to enjoy.


You can never know what your child actually puts into his or her mouth. Although

schools have to adhere to regulated procedures when preparing cafeteria food, there is no way

of being sure your child gets fresh, healthy, and clean food on their lunch trays.

In Treforys Tiny Tots, we are as invested to your child’s growth and development as you are. That is why

we provide them with only healthy, home-made meals when you entrust them to us! We have a menu

full of fresh and healthy options you can take a look at. That way, you can have both convenience and

peace of mind! Gone will be the days when you worry that they’re not getting proper nutrition, and you

can stop stressing on meal preps on school mornings. Also if your child has a special dietary requirement we can also cater for this in our 5 Star rate kitchens.



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