Treforys Tiny Tots, the best creche in Swansea

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Treforys Tiny Tots the best in creche in Swansea

Treforys Tiny Tots was established in 1991 and has developed an excellent reputation since then. We

have had children grow up with us and move up to ‘big school’ fully ready. We pride ourselves with

great feedback from parents and our fantastic reputation. Here’s why Treforys Tiny Tots is the best crèche in


Expert childcare

Treforys Tiny Tots boasts a fully trained staff ready to provide excellent childcare. We

make sure they are qualified equipped to handle your kids. They are friendly and genuinely care

for children’s wellbeing.


Our premises are equipped with active CCTV and locked access – no outsider may enter

the premises without being invited by a member of our team. This ensures that your child is

completely safe while in our care.

Our indoor facilities include a Baby Room, a Toddler Room, an Olders’ Room, and 2

Tweenie Rooms. We also have a large outdoor and indoor play area, where your kids can

interact with each other. Also not to mention our designated Cot room for your baby to have their much needed nap and our separate dining room.

We also limit the class size to 15 children per room, so as to give each child the attention

and care they need.


We can work around your shift, and even adjust to unusual hours should you require it.

For those dreaded school runs, we offer pickup and drop-off services to all local schools, so

you’ll never have to stress over rush hour again!



Our food is healthy and home-made. We make sure your child gets proper nutrition

from fresh food to aid their development. We also monitor their eating and report it back to the

parents at the end of each day so they are fully aware of what their child eats.


Our mission is to teach your children love, care, and respect. We aim to aid them reach

their potential and eventually become who they are meant to be. Our motto of ‘always learning’

is the core of the activities we conduct for the children. We combine education and fun,

encourage interaction and social inclusion to ensure you child’s overall wellbeing

Make Treforys Tiny Tots your child’s second home. Join the family today.

Call us today on 01792 796198 for more information

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