The Story of Richard

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The Story Of Richard

This is the story of Richard, An average Dad who used Treforys Tiny Tots


“Firstly I would like to thank all of the staff and the establishment of Treforys Tiny Tots. When i first looked into a creche or nursery in Swansea i found it hard to pick the right one for the love of my life, Sam. He was then and still is a fantastic intelligent little boy and im so glad he is my son. So….

Whilst spending hours of searching on Google for my ideal nursery in Swansea i found Treforys Tiny Tots. I took a look at their pictures and what they were all about via their website. I was very impressed in the educational side of playing and the children looked genuinely happy in every one of their photos.

I decided, why not go and see them, Well, I never looked back.

From the moment i walked through the door with Sam, He was made to feel Welcome and as if he had been there for years. Sam was even offered a Free Day to settle in and meet some new friends. I was happy as a Dad could be to see my son was welcomed with open arms. I felt he was safe and in very good hands instantly.

Sam used Treforys Tiny Tots Day Nursery in Swansea for about 2 years and he learned so much. His development was incredible.

So thanks to all the staff, chefs, managers and Owners Julie and Phil for our time with you.

From Richard the Happy Dad and Sam a very happy and confident son.”

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